Monday, July 11, 2016


Hello All,
It felt like a really quick week this week. We stayed busy and just got through it. Unfortunately a lot of our on-dates fell off date because they didn't come to church and haven't meet with us this past week. But we were able to put two more people on date for baptism. Hopefully they will be able to be baptized! 

We were able to get our new wheels on Wednesday. So all day Tuesday we walked from a potential and then to a dinner. We then knocked in the direction of a appointment we had so we could get there at a reasonable time.

I finally used a dominoes gift card I got for Christmas. There is a brand new one that is a 30 second walk from our house. Saturday night we got a chicken bacon ranch pizza and enjoyed it while planning for Sunday.

Coker has been on the move lately. he comes down and talks to us every night and every morning now. We think it is because he is getting married and will move out soon, so he wants to spend every moment he can with us while he can.

There is this Mexican restaurant/bar thing that is always open way late. Well they started blasting the music at 10:40 so we could sleep for a while we got a video,it was so loud even the cameras could pick it up.

Elder Lund

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