Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Back to the Bike

So it feels weird to say I have been out for 5 months. I don't know if it should be more or less. But oh well. 

This week was pretty much knocking on doors all day all week. Most of our investigators dont want to meet with us at specific times so we kinda just have to meet with them when we have seen them in the past. Our investigator Paul has a set time to meet with us this week though. It has been two weeks since we have seen him last. Hopefully it will go well.

I know I can't complain too much about the heat here in Washington, but it was hot this weekend and we were out all day on our bikes (oh yeah our car got taken away from us..."The Lord giveth, and the Lord taketh away") and so we got burnt pretty bad. Thankfully some nice people gave us waters and let us kinda chill for a second in their houses. I saw that Golden State is up ("If you cant avoid it, enjoy it" - President Weaver, old WaTac).

So allergies with the heat is not a good mix. Elder Jocelyn took some medicine and then took an Excedrin from a headache he was getting from sneezing too much. Those did not mix well and we had to spend from 4 on inside the house. He took a nap and woke up in the middle and started talking to me about purple jelly beans and rainbows. I thought it was a little random because I thought he was coherent at that point. He took another nap and when I asked him about it, he said he didn't member. kinda funny, but kinda sad because we couldn't do any work.

Well I remembered my scripture of the week. Alma 37:37. It is Alma talking to his son Helaman. he tells him to counsel with the Lord, and that by doing so the Lord would watch over him. I shared that with a lot of members this week because I really like it.

I might add more when I send the pictures from the week, but for now that's it. 

love you all!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Lincoln It Is...

 Elder Lund helping Coker with his ipad
 Elder Lund's Crock Pot Chicken

Well I am staying here! Crazy that I will be here till my birthday, and then if I stay again that is 7.5 months in my first area which I seriously doubt will happen. But it has been a good week. We have found a way cool family that we are know teaching. There is a father a mother and two boys and two girls. The oldest boy is about 12 and we asked him if he would read the BOM and he said he would. We came back for a visit and he actually did read the first chapter and the Testimony of Joseph Smith at the front of it! It was good to know they are still interested after they missed church. 

We also knocked on a door Saturday night and this old man came out and aksed if we were with a religion. "we're from the Church of Jesus Christ" I said. And he was all like "Oh I am an Atheist, but I respect Mormons come on in." so we went in a talked with this guy for 30 minutes and he told us about his life. He showed us around the house he built and his sons house he built across the street. After wards we invited him to church and he asked if we were going to be there. "Of course", "then I will see you there." He actually came to church! It was way awesome. He had to leave in the middle of the last talk to visit his wife in a nursing home, but he got up and was like "I have to leave now. But I am impressed!"  Sooooo yeah we will try to see him tonight and talk about it.

So dealing with transfers. There are no more sisters in the ward. We were expecting to get some after transfers and give the car back, but President never called sisters to the ward. So we still have the car. The members of the ward are a little salty because they love sisters, but oh well. 

On to some fun stories... well we were talking with coker during our weekly planning session(He kind of destroys our studies and planning sessions sometimes), and we were talking about Instagram. I asked if he had one and he said no. I asked him why not, and he gave some excuse. The conversation ended and he went back upstairs. Not 3 minutes later he came back down with his tablet and was like "Now what do I do." So we spent the next 20 minutes getting him an Instagram. Then he spent the next two hours on it haha!! so funny.

We also found a BOM under the claw foot tub while we were cleaning for inspections...#nasty

So Coker has also had a slight problem with homeless people using is water spout outside for water. Elder Jocelyn and I saw it for the first time. Some dude just pulled up on his bike and started taking water. We waited until he started biking away to snag a pic of him. 

love you all!