Monday, July 11, 2016

Bike Wheels Returned

Im just gonna hop right in because I don't have a ton of time.

Monday: Went to the sound and went on "5 mile drive"(hmmmm wonder if they copied 17 miles drive). It was way fun, while we were walking some members were like oh good missionaries! We just had a lunch go get some food. So we had lunch. While talking with people I met someone related to Nan Rains. That was cool!

​Also say coker eat something besides hot chocolate, chips

Wednesday(sorry Tuesday):
So we hear a knock on our door. Its Slim, they homeless guy who used to live in our bushes, and would use coker's water spout outside for water. HE GOT OUR BIKE WHEELS. We told him last Wednesday about it and he was upset! exactly a week later he brought them to us, he told us he found them in a mobile parts van and got them for us! So crazy. Later we talked to some other homeless people and one said that all the homeless people were talking about how our bike wheels were stolen and how mad they were. They used more colorful language but the were pissed! It made me happy that the prayers we say with them actually mean a lot to them and that they care for us, at least some of them.
for some reason the tires were slashed?
oh well. Homeless friends have our back!

Eh sunday was a hard day! I got a minor migraine and slept for most of the day. But then we went out and knocked with someone who is preparing to go on a mission, so that was good!

way fun. The mission had Lakewood and Tacoma Stakes come to one of the stake centers to play sports, have food, and a water balloon fight. It was so much fun. Sis Blatter made "cafe rio" sweet pork burritos and it was so good! It was pretty much identical to the real thing.

Went to walmart and got groceries, and then stayed in for the night. We didnt knock on any doors or do any missionary work. It felt way weird, but it was a nice break. Coker had some fireworks he set of. He said after the fact that they were two years old and he was surprised they worked.
I will attach a video or two.

Love you all so much. Keep it real!
Elder Lund

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