Monday, May 23, 2016

Mission Temple Trip


Well it is the last week of the transfer already. These 5 weeks have been fast. I am probably going to leave this area and get sent somewhere else. So look forward to that on next week's email.

This week was pretty slow work wise. We had exchanges with the zone leaders on Tuesday, and then the temple trip on Thursday. It was so awesome to be able to attend the session. It was so spiritual. Sister Blatter walked up to me while we were in the temple and told me that we will have to do this again back home in California. They are the nicest people ever. 

We did a lot of all day knocking this week. We can be knocking all day and still have the same amount of lessons and success all day in the two hours from 5-7. We can definitely see that time is sacred knocking time. But we were very tired by the end of the week and ended up planning at night on the floor.

Forgot the scripture of the week again. Sorry about that I always forget to write it down. But by far the best thing that happened this week was going to the Temple. 

We also got a new bishop on Sunday. We will miss Bishop Shumate, but Bishop Anderson will be great as well! He was the YM president. He wants us to work closely with the Priests.

Elder Lund

Monday, May 16, 2016

Great Investigator

Well this week has been way too fun and very quick. We also got some good work down with one of our Investigators. We will do the spiritual first.

Scripture of the week is one I forgot to write down... sorry

So one man we are working with loves the Bible and thinks the Book of Mormon is alright. We decided to just read it with him for one of our lessons. We read the first 6(?) chapters of 1 Nephi, and by the end he was marking his BOM and sharing what he liked about the verses we read and about Nephi and Lehi's faith. We then invited him to a baptism this last Sunday. He said he would come. We showed up and he was already there. The Baptismal service was awesome. At one point he was crying and he was nodding his head like crazy for the talks on Baptism and the Holy Ghost. At one point a sister missionary got up to bear her testimony. she knew before hand that we were going to bring our investigator. For a large portion of her testimony she looked directly at him. He kept nodding his head, and would write down scriptures that were talked about in the testimonies and talks. After the service was done we took him on a church tour. We just showed him around the classrooms and chapel and what not. He really enjoyed it. It was obvious he felt the spirit strong. The best part came afterwards and when we got home. He sent us a text saying "thank you again for inviting me. It has given me a lot to think and pray about. see you soon." Ahhhhh Elder Jocelyn and I just screamed at each other. It was so awesome! We are super excited to see him on Thursday!

Thursday will also be a great day because we are going to the Temple! Everybody cant wait! This week is going to go by very fast because of it as well! Super exciting. 

Time for some funny stories. Elder Jocelyn has already typed them up so I am going to "abridge the records" that he has kept. Ill italicize what I add.

We had 3 funny stories happen this past week 2 of which were in the same place actually. The first one is we were walking down the road contacting at 8:45 the other night and there was this lady in a mini mart parking lot and she yelled to us "I LOVE YOU GUYS" and waved us over and we talked to her for a minute and she was just your typical crazy old lady on the streets of Tacoma. We said a prayer with her and right when we were done this guy comes running out of the mini mart and jumps into this car backed into a spot and this Asian man comes running out screaming "STOP THEM" and Elder Lund and I are in the middle of the dip in the sidewalk to enter/exit the parking lot and the car comes blazing at us and naturally we jump out of the way because they would have hit us. And I Elder Lund do say that I didn't move but the car almost hit me, I could have punched the car it was that close.  After the car pulled out the old lady starts chanting "AUS****"(The license plate number) over and over and follows the Asian man into the store to call the cops. I will never forget that license plate number. Also the other stories will be told at a less important time. But ask of George and zombies.

Anyways Love you all!

Elder Lund

Monday, May 9, 2016

Hair Cut

Well it was a pretty fast week with the excitement for being able to talk with the fam for mothers day. I feel like that is all I have to say.

But we did get a car for the rest of this transfer! So we have just been riding around Lincoln! Way weird to be driving again. Elder Jocelyn drove a few times, but it is usually me driving.

Got a haircut today, a little short for my liking, but it felt good, the lady rubbed my hair down with a warm towel, and also used a strait razor to clean up the edges. Professional. 

Forgot to do, as requested, a scripture of the week. Mosiah 21:4 stuck out in my readings. 

It struck me that the Lord will do all he promises, whether it is putting people in bondage because they did not repent, or because he has promised blessings.

Yea, all this was done that the word of the Lord might be fulfilled.

...Ummm yeah that is really it for this week, not too  many pictures either.

Love you all

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Almost Four Months

Well another week in Lincoln, Elder Jocelyn and I are having a lot of fun which is good because we are still working hard, even though the work is slow right now. Not many people answered their door this week or even wanted to hear from us, but that tends to happen a lot.

This week did bring nice weather though. It was sunny for the last half. 

Sunday we had a "Why I Believe Fireside" again. Some good testimonies of recent converts again. Also sang and got to see a bunch of missionaries I haven't seen in a while like my MTC companion.

We are spending a lot of time in the new area we got. I finally took some pics to show. Also got a nice view of Mt. Rainer.

Have a good week!

Elder Lund