Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Easter Week

Matching Easter Ties

Desks filled with Easter Treats
Beautiful Day!

Hard Work Pays Off
Bishop and his wife took the missionaries to The Olive Garden for Lunch.  The Bishop's wife sent us a message saying how nice Christian is and that he asked if anyone was going to eat the last breadstick.  So cute as we all know how much Christian loves those breadsticks.

This week was a lot of fun. We had exchanges, and had a blast meeting the crazy people who live in Lakewood, Wa. For sure I have some stories for the journal that will have to wait (sorry). But also had a great lesson with a guy who has the most commitment I've seen here #hallelujah #Eastermiracle #hardworkpaysoff. He just has to get married and then we can help him progress even further! 

The weather was interesting. Had some rain and some sun throughout the week. Decided to take a pic today because its so nice. #spring. 

Easter!!! Easter was great! We had soooo much candy from family and the members here... our desks were just messy with all of our clutter and candy. We had lunch at our ward mission leaders home and then Monday our bishop took us and the sisters out to Olive Garden. We sure are spoiled here! 

Shout out to dad for turning 50 on the first of April. 

Love you all so much!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Treats, Flat Tires, and Keeping the Faith

Elders with Treats

Elder Lund enjoys Red Velvet anything!

Elder Lund made Hawaiian Haystacks for weekly planning meeting

Flat Tires for both Elders

Another Elder Lund Favorite

Making Prayer Rocks for some children they are teaching

Sorry for no email last week. Yes an apology is due. Forgive me. But this week has been pretty fun! Got some packages and my parents even sent me some toothpaste--thanks mom! But all has been good. The rain is stopping, then it's sunny and then its raining again... uh make up your mind. But all is well in Zion right? 

Elder Turley and I are having a hard time finding people who are willing to make and keep commitments, like coming to church or meeting with us when we set up an appointment with them. Oh well. We have the faith to find people here. 

The stake put on the Lamb of God production these past two weeks. Two Sundays ago it was out of the mission so we couldn't go, but this last week it was in the mission boundary. But we had to have an investigator there in order for us to be justified in going there. Our ward mission leader brought a friend so we went with that person. But the program itself was beautiful. So great.

Cant really remember too much else but ill explain some of the photos.

Love you all!!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Two Months and a Hail Storm

Elder Lund after the downpour

Breakfast of Champions

Elder Turley

Yes it has been two months, crazy... feels like longer, but I feel like I was just home eating Nutella and watching TV. 

But it's been an alright week. Right after emailing last week Elder Turley and I started to bike to an appointment, but he had forgot his planner and I hadn't written down the address so we decided to go home to grab it. Oh man... it started hailing sideways. The Lord seemed to be upset with us... jk but it was crazy. The first pic is me soaked just after maybe a 10 minute bike ride home. The wind was so crazy!!! We just decided to take our lunch out that day and just eat and let our coats dry out. It calmed down a little after that, but man it was crazy. We had to pedal like we were going up a hill, when we were really just going down hill, the wind was that strong. It was kinda fun though. 

We had a hard day on Friday. All 11 of our confirmed set up appointments fell through, it rained all day, when we knocked 5-7's and it rained and nobody was receptive and then last, but for sure not least,  we had a very interesting bash. Most nights we have like 20-30 minutes to go out and talk to people on the streets. Well Friday we had an hour because everybody fell through, and we walked by a bar and started talking to a lady out side. Over  5 minutes, people came out and started talking to us. Ultimately we were "talking" with 7 drunk people that were just surrounding us. Man I wrote about that in my journal. So there was a bar-gang-bash, that will go down in my mission memories. Ultimately the easiest fact about getting over the Anti-Mormon stuff they said was because they were drunk and they wouldn't listen to a single answer we gave. 

But even though that was a bad day, Sunday was great. We had a total of 9 investigators attend our ward this week... so great, a girl we are teaching brought three of her friends, Elder Turley and I just looked at each other and were like "4!" But, yeah great things are still happening.

Shout out to Carmel Basketball, sorry for the loss, but its alright! There for sure is much more to life. Love you joe-curt and weno. 

Also breakfast this morning was bomb... waking up 10 minutes early was worth it.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

He Looks Like a Baller...

Ice Cream after Stake Conference--Always a Good Thing!

Another Elder and his Investment Ideas

The Sound and a Bridge
Hey all,

This week has been good, we are teaching a few kids who can for sure be baptized if their parents are able to work with us. We had stake conference again, and one of the senior couples bought us all ice cream for afterwards. Very good. 

Had a fun Pday this week. Decided to go down to the Sound and skip rocks... also Elder Alhert went through some investment plans he made during "decomp" time at the end of the day.

Funny story. We all play basketball in our zone. It was brought up that the first time Elder Turley saw me he thought I was a baller... for those who know me... I am not. Anyways we were playing in a game and the ball got passed to me, it was above my head, so I jumped and caught it, then while still in the air I made the layup. Elder Alhert yelled " wait he can ball!!" I thought that was funny.

Cool/Spiritual story... we had a lesson with a native american woman. We talked about God and she said she believes in a "creator." My comp and I both thought of Alam 18 when Ammon teaches King Lamoni. We read that chapter with her and she thought it was very interesting that her ancestors were in the Book of Mormon. She also agreed to say a kneeling prayer. The spirit was super strong... Biking away I told Turley... We just fulfilled prophecy... Mormon chapter 7-8 ;)

Anyways good week... Both Turley and I are staying here for this next transfer. He will be here for 6 months. Crazy.

Love you all, good luck