Monday, July 11, 2016

Bike wheels stolen

So this week was crazy fun/ awesome and it went by really quick! Like speedy fast. but I'll start with Wednesday because that is pretty when it all started. 

Went to Zions Camp in Belfair. Its a camp owned by the church and it has a cool ropes course. We did the ropes course and then had zone conference after wards. WE had lunch on the drive home at a place called Me-mos(Memos? idk). They had a burrito that was huge for 5$ so that was good!

Weekly planned and had a member meal. The Girlfriend is a member, but the boyfriend is a good cook so he makes us dinners from time to time. We taught the restoration after dinner just as "practice" but we really were just teaching him on the low low. 

We went back to the bf and gf and did some service moving firewood for them. They got us Papa Murphy's for lunch. We were able to put two people on date for baptism as well! So that was an awesome boost

Had lunch at Kobo teriyaki. The lady at the counter knows us now and pretty much expects us to come buy like once a week for a drink or a meal. But after we went to this lady named April. She is a little disabled, but we found her a while ago and she wanted us to come back and read the BoM with her. We have and we found out she has a husband who wants to be baptized. So we found that out yesterday. we were about to leave when a lightning storm blew over us. It started hailing before we even left so we kinda hesitated to leave and the caretaker there told us to stay and then we got a text from our ZL's telling us to stay indoors until the storm passed. So we stayed for another 15 minutes and the caretaker started asking us questions and is now interested and wants to learn more. So potentially at this time we have like 4 people that can be baptized by the end of the transfer. After the storm passes we go to see a person we put on date earlier. We went over and there was a bunch of people in side. Turns out they also wanted to be baptized so now we are at 7 people on date in total. crazy. we decided to go see someone who said they wanted to be baptized, so we started biking over there. Well the rains came down again, not lighting and hail, but we got soaked! It felt like winter again here. but he didnt answer. 

Sunday, happy fathers day!!!:
A YW who spoke brought her friends to church, we dont know how interested they are. Just knocked nothing really happened. Had dinner. Went out to knock 5-7s. One lady accepted to be baptized, she already had a Spanish Bom, but she wants to be baptized. We ended up referring her. Then a car rode up and a mexican wanted us to say a prayer for him. We said the prayer and i asked if he wanted to be baptized. yes! and his girlfriend wanted to be baptized too! soooo we had put 9 people on date I think in total this week, but one fell off date and one is the Spanish investigators now. then we got back from knocking and we saw that our bikes looked kinda weird. Well yeah somebody stole our front bike wheels and helmets.

thats was pretty much our week. ill attach pics love you all

Elder Lund

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