Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The Tacoma Stake Has Split and Transfer Calls

For Stake Conference, Elder Lund made Cinnamon Rolls

Transfers are here and so are a lot of other changes. We will start with the most recent going backwards. 

The Tacoma Stake is splitting. There will now be the Tacoma North and South Stakes. This was planned for months but nobody knew until a few weeks ago. The missionaries knew that something big was happening just from the buzz we would hear about transfers and stuff from our bishops and mission president. So each missionary knew different things and we talked so we had it figured out. At transfer we pretty much new that the third stake conference this year had to be about something very big. So yeah. Elder Snow presided, got to shake his hand. 

Because of the stake split, every ward in the stake has new boundary changes. We lost some of the top of our ward, but gained a bump towards the north-east. Elder Turley and I knocked in the new area we got last night.... Its a lot of steep hills... and we are still on bikes... #getbig.

Saturday we got transfer calls! Elder Turley is going to Grey's Harbor which is a Zone Leader Area. So he is gonna be a ZL over there. I am staying in Lincoln and I guess taking over the area (that's a no-brainer). My new companion is Elder Jocelyn. Don't know too much about him yet, heard he is a great missionary though! 

Its been a pretty slow week, work wise, but time wise it flew! Had exchanges again on Friday. Stayed in Lincoln with Elder Bagley! This kid is funny. He is from St. George and has 2 transfers left, he is pretty much dead. What I learned from him is I wish I got a mountain bike. He told me about some of his p-days going mountain biking out in the Boony ares of the mission. We had some fun. He broke Elder Turley's key chain sort of thing that retracts the keys. Comp study the next morning he fixed it by taking it a part, finding the broken piece, heating up a fork and then plastic welded the plastic part back to the base part. He also popped two tires that day. he wasn't super happy.

Shout out to all those at BYU taking finals right now, you are the real MVP.

Love you all

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