Thursday, April 7, 2016

General Conference Week and Zone Meetings

Bike Problems

Flat Tire--Again

The Lone Cypress picture at the Mission Home.  Sister Blatter told Elder Lund she thinks he is the only missionary who knows where that is.

At the Mission Home

Mt Ranier in the background

The ward where Elder Lund serves does a Missionary Mile in the early mornings where members are invited to run with the misisonaraies--such a great ward with a Bishop and Ward Mission Leader who have been so good to these Missionaries..

Lunch at the Mission Home

A nice sunny day at the Mission Home for General Conference

Some of the Elders watching Conference

Zone Meeting

Hello everybody!

I hope you enjoyed the past week as much as I did. We had Zone Conference this past Thursday. It was sweet. I got a lot out of all the trainings. 

This week was also filled with beautiful weather. Elder Turley and I even pulled out the short sleeve shirts and got sun burnt walking around. Yeah walking because I got another flat tire. Anyways it was a good week to get a flat tire. A lot of meeting and time to sit and listen to people.

Speaking of sitting and listening, it was General Conference!!! We went to the stake center for all of the sessions except for Sunday afternoon. For lunch and that session President and Sister Blatter invited all of the missionaries in the Tacoma and Lakewood Zone to the mission home for lunch and to watch conference. Lakewood Zone was there for the morning session and lunch then we showed up and had lunch with them and then watched the afternoon session. It was awesome hearing from the prophets and apostles. 

Here are some one-liners/thoughts/quotes I liked from each talk:

Sat Morning
Eyring: This is Jesus's conference
Durham: what weight of the world can we kick off
Hallstrom: Our earthly identities are not a problem as long as it does not take away from our eternal identity, a child of God
Stevenson: "Where are the keys!?"
Duncan: Mercy will not rob justice
Snow(Who is actually coming to the Tacoma stake conference on the 17): "Be thou Humble"
Renlund: We cannot assume entitlement

Sat Afternoon
Rasband: Great testimony on prophets and apostles that we sustain
Anderson: Children are very important, we need to love all
Arnold: to the rescue!!
Mazzagardi: great talk I cant wait to read...
Bednar: Missionary work, the Doctrine of Christ and sanctification from the HG and the Sacrament
Ballard: family councils are divine!! also shout out to snapchat for being brought up in #LDSconf

Priesthood Session
Nelson: "He has no power"/ call to arms
Owen: Be the best follower to be the best leader
Uchtdorf: family, to be saved need of charity
Eyring: purity will protect the family
Monson: the priesthood is reallllllll

Sunday Morning 
Monson: Choice and agency. hard right or easy wrong?
Oscarson: Conversion comes from immersion
Waddell: Learn, listen, walk
Christofferson: Honor thy father(and of course thy mother)
Cook: 150 temples! See ourselves in the temple
Uchtdorf: The sheep is ready to be saved primarily because of the love of the good Shepard. 

Sunday Afternoon
Hales: The Holy Ghost respects our agency
Gong: 6 ways to remember
Kearon(the mother of an old sister missionary who served here baptized this man. She was told by many to drop him. She was felt to keep teaching him... wow): The love we need to have for all. I also noted that Uchtdorf got up to announce who was speaking next, he was very moved by that talk
Oaks: There will be opposition
Richards: The power of Temples comes from the Ordinances
Johnson: The resurrection

And last but certainly not least Elder Jeffery R. Holland:

when he was announced all the missionaries cheered and then he got up and just was so strong with the spirit. We had no Idea what he was to talk about when he said "You have no idea." No we didn't. But we could all feel the love from all of the leaders in the church. It was great.

This morning we woke up and had the missionary mile. Got up and ran a mile with some members in our ward

love you all

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