Tuesday, February 23, 2016

First Transfer Almost Over and Great Missionary Fireside

Elders at Missionary Fireside (Elder Lund on top row)

Missionary Fireside

Group Shot at Fireside

Funny calendar Zone Leader has

More Funny Cat Calendar Fun



It was good hearing from all those who emailed me. First of all I want to wish my Grandpa Wilford Jones a happy 83rd birthday! Congrats! But otherwise I hope whoever is reading this is doing well. 

This past week was great. Went on exchanges 3 days in a row so I got to see what other areas are like here in the city of Tacoma. Got the same thing this week so after emailing Ill go to a different area for a night. We also had a missionary fireside in which 3 zones in the mission got together and we sang and then some recent converts got to bear their testimonies. 

Blaine, the man Elder Turley and I taught was asked to give his testimony on his conversion. Ahhhh that was so awesome to see how we actually have changed his life. It was one of the more peaceful and spiritually testimonies. He did a great job. We are super happy for him. The other recent converts also had great testimonies. 

We share the Lincoln ward with sisters as well and every transfer we take pictures and give them to the ward to put up in their home and the picture's theme was pretty much Alma 26:29. Talking about preaching in the streets and in the home of the Lamanites("Lincolnites" lol). Yeah no baptisms expected this week, but we are working hard to get those "tisms." The field is still very white and ready to be harvested. 

Love you and good luck out there.

Elder Lund

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