Monday, May 23, 2016

Mission Temple Trip


Well it is the last week of the transfer already. These 5 weeks have been fast. I am probably going to leave this area and get sent somewhere else. So look forward to that on next week's email.

This week was pretty slow work wise. We had exchanges with the zone leaders on Tuesday, and then the temple trip on Thursday. It was so awesome to be able to attend the session. It was so spiritual. Sister Blatter walked up to me while we were in the temple and told me that we will have to do this again back home in California. They are the nicest people ever. 

We did a lot of all day knocking this week. We can be knocking all day and still have the same amount of lessons and success all day in the two hours from 5-7. We can definitely see that time is sacred knocking time. But we were very tired by the end of the week and ended up planning at night on the floor.

Forgot the scripture of the week again. Sorry about that I always forget to write it down. But by far the best thing that happened this week was going to the Temple. 

We also got a new bishop on Sunday. We will miss Bishop Shumate, but Bishop Anderson will be great as well! He was the YM president. He wants us to work closely with the Priests.

Elder Lund

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