Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Two Months and a Hail Storm

Elder Lund after the downpour

Breakfast of Champions

Elder Turley

Yes it has been two months, crazy... feels like longer, but I feel like I was just home eating Nutella and watching TV. 

But it's been an alright week. Right after emailing last week Elder Turley and I started to bike to an appointment, but he had forgot his planner and I hadn't written down the address so we decided to go home to grab it. Oh man... it started hailing sideways. The Lord seemed to be upset with us... jk but it was crazy. The first pic is me soaked just after maybe a 10 minute bike ride home. The wind was so crazy!!! We just decided to take our lunch out that day and just eat and let our coats dry out. It calmed down a little after that, but man it was crazy. We had to pedal like we were going up a hill, when we were really just going down hill, the wind was that strong. It was kinda fun though. 

We had a hard day on Friday. All 11 of our confirmed set up appointments fell through, it rained all day, when we knocked 5-7's and it rained and nobody was receptive and then last, but for sure not least,  we had a very interesting bash. Most nights we have like 20-30 minutes to go out and talk to people on the streets. Well Friday we had an hour because everybody fell through, and we walked by a bar and started talking to a lady out side. Over  5 minutes, people came out and started talking to us. Ultimately we were "talking" with 7 drunk people that were just surrounding us. Man I wrote about that in my journal. So there was a bar-gang-bash, that will go down in my mission memories. Ultimately the easiest fact about getting over the Anti-Mormon stuff they said was because they were drunk and they wouldn't listen to a single answer we gave. 

But even though that was a bad day, Sunday was great. We had a total of 9 investigators attend our ward this week... so great, a girl we are teaching brought three of her friends, Elder Turley and I just looked at each other and were like "4!" But, yeah great things are still happening.

Shout out to Carmel Basketball, sorry for the loss, but its alright! There for sure is much more to life. Love you joe-curt and weno. 

Also breakfast this morning was bomb... waking up 10 minutes early was worth it.

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