Wednesday, January 27, 2016

OYM (Open Your Mouth)

Elder Lund and Elder Turley--Study Station

Outside the Apartment

Elder Lund's bike is the blue one--the owner of the bike store told me, "If it was my son out there, I would want his bike to be visible for safety so I'd buy the blue bike."  I did.  Elder Lund likes it!

Elder Turley--Awesome Companion 

Hello all,

First off expect email from me on Tuesday. P-Day is Monday, but the library here in Tacoma are closed on Mondays. You might also realize today is not Tuesday. Yesterday we had a special training for new missionaries so today we get to email. 

So I am in the Lincoln Ward which is in the actual city of Tacoma. My Companion Elder Turley is From Lindon Utah which is like right by Provo. He has been out for 6 months and he is just an awesome guys. He left for his mission July 2015 so we were like super close but never meet. Hes great and I am learning so much from him. We are on bikes which is kinda crazy. First night we go knock doors and its raining and dark. Glad there was a flashlight on my back haha. But we knock doors everyday 5-7pm. That is officially time dedicated to knocking door throughout the mission. We also knock doors other times during the day. We OYM(open your mouth) to anyone we see on the street. We are constantly finding people to teach... and it works. Already have a baptism this Saturday if Blaine(His name) follows through and can quit smoking, more on that later hopefully I'm short on time. Also met a guy and his wife that are from Marina!!! Yeah crazy, the Lord has sent me here for certain people. That is very clear already. Seen sooooo many blessings and miracles already. Did i not mention that is so satisfying. Also sorry if my grammar is bad. 

Everything is so amazing I love it here! simple as that!

So... Blaine. This guy was praying to find the true church for him. Next day elders knock on his door. They invite him to church, give him a church tour and he commits to be baptized. He's a guy with a troubled past, but has been sober for 10 years. He is a clean and sober home manager and is so willing to learn about the gospel. Before teaching the Word of wisdom, he said he was already trying to quite smoking. We gave him a blessing the next day to help him. He said he felt strengthened. Hasn't smoked since. We also taught him a lesson of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We focused on Joseph Smith being a prophet. We asked him if he believed that Joseph Smith was a true prophet. He couldn't accept it because he is a logical guy, yet he could not deny based on his feelings with the Book if Mormon. My comp said that God will answer our prayers, so lets kneel down know and prayer. He prayed right there and we knelt there for like 4 minutes after the prayer. He told us that we "had a verse for him... something about many prophets." So we started searching the scriptures and getting off track. Elder Turley brought it back and asked him what he felt during the prayer. He said he felt "peace... and that it was as if time slowed down." Next asked him what he thought that meant. "That Joseph Smith was a true prophet," was his response!!! crazy blessings from the spirit!!! 

That is not even all of them.... more next week. It was great hearing from all of those who emailed me. If I don't respond to your personal email I'm sorry. I'm on a time limit. scripture of the week:
Doctrine and Covenants 28:16

love you all,

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